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Emergency Fund May Need Some Help From Auto Title Loans

Most financial advisors will tell you that having an emergency savings or “rainy day” fund is paramount to having healthy finances and a sound budget. But setting money aside is not always easy for many people. Auto title loans offer consumers a fast and convenient way to supplement an emergency fund that doesn’t support a financial emergency or unexpected cost. While it’s great to have options for an immediate financial fix, it’s also smart to start an emergency fund for future unforeseen costs. Here’s how it works: Auto title loans … Continue reading

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Recent Poll Shows Payday Loan Experience Is Pleasant

A recent poll taken in October of this year by Harris Interactive, a market research firm, shows that 9 out of ten payday loan customers are satisfied with the product they received. While one of the biggest draws of payday loans is that a consumer can get cash overnight and not worry about having a good credit score, borrowers also consider loan terms and cost of borrowing huge factors in the payday lending process. Harris Interactive was commissioned by the Community Financial Services Association of America (CFSA) in an effort … Continue reading

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Payday Loans Warm Things Up When Heating Bills Get High

While we are still officially in fall, winter weather is here causing many of us to crank up the heat! Enjoying the comforts of a toasty warm home may be great but when the electric bills comes, there’s no doubt that it can cause chills up and down the spine. Utilizing a payday loan to get through those high heating bills is definitely an option but staying warm with out constantly cranking up the thermostat can be done. Consider the following in an effort to keep costs down during the … Continue reading

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